Ireland Itinerary

Well it happened. Summer is over for all intents and purposes and fall will soon be upon us. Like a broken record, I am constantly saying how quickly time is going. And it just keeps going faster. We took a trip to Chicago for our cousin’s wedding this past weekend which was lovely but too quick (as those weekend trips always are.) Also, our trip to Ireland is just around the corner. A couple of months ago I got my act together (mostly because Corey was like, um, are you going to plan our trip?) and created a rough itinerary of our trip as well as booked all of our lodging and flights. So now I know the cities/towns we are going to but I don’t know if I will be figuring out a detailed list of things to do in each place. I would love any tips if you guys have them.


We fly into Dublin and are staying with some friends for a couple of days who live in the city (lucky ducks!) I know we are supposed to see Trinity College and the castle and the world wants me to drink Guinness even though I can guarantee that I will find it to be disgusting. Then we will leave Dublin and stay overnight in Kilkenny mostly as a stopover on the way to Dingle but also to see the Rock of Cashel.


After Kilkenny, we will drive to the Dingle where we will drive the Dingle Peninsula and the Ring of Kerry and take lots and lots of pictures. I don’t have a whole lot of specifics for this area other than we are supposed to drive and see pretty things.


I am particularly excited about Galway. Things to do here include walking around Galway (obviously), seeing Doolin, Cliffs of Moher, and possibly go visit the Aran Islands. This all looks good to me.


So after Galway we are going back to Dublin to fly to Ediburgh, Scotland. Originally we were going to split the trip more evenly between Scotland and Ireland but then we decided to spend most of the time in Ireland. In retrospect, I might should have instead had us spend this portion of the trip in Northern Ireland so we could go back to Scotland another time. Oh well. That means we don’t have a whole lot of time in Scotland so I will not get to go ride on the Harry Potter train which is really a travesty for me as well as you (because I will not have pictures to share). Also, we are not going to go see Nessy because apparently it is a big fat tourist trap and would not be as cool as I pictured in my head. However, we are going to Edinburgh for a couple of days which seems to be exceptionally good. I don’t think we can go wrong here.

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  1. Katie

    I agree with the world, you must try Guinness when you are in Dublin. Even if you don’t like it drink and for me and your sister who loved it when we were there! Make sure to see Dusty the dolphin when you are in Doolin. This quaint little village might have been my favorite place in Ireland.

    • Colleen

      Will do thanks lady!

  2. Stephanie

    You know I will tell you to taste the Jameson!!!! I think the Galway area you might get to hear the Irish language. I loved everywhere we went. I did a lot by myself because Keith was golfing but loved every minute. See the inside of St Patrick’s in Dublin. Loved the cemeteries. The Geohagan and esters built a lot of castles and some are still standing. The name was originally Mag Eochagain originally from county Of Westmeath. Come by the house and read the cost of arms so you can keep your eyes open when you go to the different areas.

    • Colleen

      I can’t promise that I will taste Jameson but I will be sure to look out for Geohagan castles – and maybe pick one up for the family?

  3. wanda jordan

    You are missing the best if you don’t go to some country side places. Bunratty Castlel, Adare and Limerick.

    While in Killarney a must see is Mucros Weavers, And shopping down on main street. There is a place that has the most wonderful shoes I’ve ever bought. They are made in Italy by the owners friend. They fit like a good pair of gloves. already had them resoled I’ve worn so many times.
    Adare is the most wonderful little town with just charm. There is a wonderful place to stay there cheap. 2 nights and dinner for 89 pounds. It is covered with moss on the front. Right across the street back in the woods is a wonderful castle looking place too. Just a walk away.
    Let me know if you need more ideas. Bunratty is awesome the pub has been there since castle was built in the 1490’s. Oldest castle in Ireland and well worth the visit.Just think of all the feet that have traveled on those floors.

    • Colleen

      Thanks so much for the advice Wanda!

  4. Taylor

    Oh I absolutely cannot wait to see these pictures. All the green! Take lots of pictures of all the greeeeeeeeen!

    • Colleen

      You know I will!

  5. Eva

    We were in Ireland several years ago and the Dingle peninsula was hands down our favorite (next to the ruins of Dunamasse Castle, which are in my husbands family line). The drive along Slea Head Drive was absolutely breath-taking. My husband treated me to a couple of pieces of jewelry from Brian de Staic Jewelry – amazing handcrafted designs. My other favorite stop in the area was Kilmakedar Church. We had read about this church in someone’s trip report and thought it sounded fun with the Ogham Stone that has the hole to join fingers for marriage. Interesting little church with a cool cemetery as well. We only spent one night in the area for that trip. It will be our first stop for several nights on our return trip when we go in 2017 to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Enjoy your trip – very, very beautiful countryside.

    • Colleen

      Thanks so much Eva! Wonderful recommendations!

  6. Juliet

    You’re going to miss the west coast, which is incredible. County Donegal – it’s so beautiful, rocky cliffs, the ocean. It’s probably too late because your trip is planned and you’ll no doubt find Ireland so breathtaking and yet so easy to travel around, you’ll be returning.

    Another cute town is Ennis.

    Powerscourt Gardens right outside Dublin is nice, too.

    I loved Kilkenny. I think it is my favorite town in Ireland. It’s just like it was in medieval times – old bridges, alley ways. All of Ireland is incredible. I’ve been three times. Next on my list is Scotland and Wales.

    • Colleen

      I love your name Juliet! I think we will see some of the west coast since we will be going to Galway and the Cliffs of Moher, but I don’t think County Donegal is in the plans. Thanks so much for your recommendations!