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Ireland: Kilkenny and Dingle

Hi friends! The past month has been a total dream but to be honest I am tired and ready for a big long nap. We spent two weeks in Ireland and Scotland, then I went to California for an amazing photography workshop, then came straight back to work, including second-shooting weddings the weekends before and after we got back. Man just typing that makes me tired. I also did a slight miscalculation with how well I would be able to handle the jet lag going from Ireland to California, basically thinking that I would be able to handle it. Apparently I could not because I was a total mess on both days of the workshop and almost threw up on everyone (which I have been known to do.) It was still an amazing experience that I would change, but probably I’m going to not schedule something back to back like that again.

Let’s talk about Ireland. Oh Ireland with it’s breathtaking seascapes and landscapes (pretty much everywhere looks like a postcard) and literally the nicest people you will ever meet. By the end of the trip, I seriously considered thinking about moving there. Two of my favorite places that we visited were Kilkenny and Dingle. We started the trip by flying into Dublin and the next day drove down to Kilkenny as an overnight stopping point. We didn’t have any big expectations for Kilkenny but ended up liking it so much that we scrapped our plans for the day and stayed there instead. Kilkenny was adorable and we spent the whole day wandering around and partaking in their delicious beverages with mine obviously being a hot chocolate milkshake and Corey’s being Smithwick’s from their brewery.

The next day we visited the Rock of Cashel on the way to the Dingle Pensinsula. If you have the time to see the Rock of Cashel I would say it is really worth it. It is an amazing piece of history and has an adorable little town with (you guessed it) delicious hot chocolate and sandwiches for us to have from Swell’s Bakeshop. Side note: I drank no less than 20 hot chocolates during the entire trip, sometimes as often as 2 a day. I could not be stopped. And next was Dingle. You guys, I cannot begin to explain to you how much I loved Dingle. It was the most breathtaking place I’ve ever seen with some of the most delightful people. I felt like I was living in a dream. Also, the food was amazing! If you go to Dingle, which you really must, promise me that you will stay at the Pax House and will say hello to Molly (the cat), Rio (the dog), and John (the owner) for me. John makes you feel like you are family from the moment you enter, and the views from the rooms and the patios are unbelievable. We didn’t even really want to leave to go sightsee. But we did (because it would be stupid if we didn’t). If you go to Dingle you must: eat honeycomb ice cream, drive the Slea Head Tour, eat dinner at An Canteen and/or Doyle’s (where we ate our anniversary dinner), spend plenty of time walking around the town and the shore, and definitely try to get a view of the lovable town dolphin Fungi.
























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  1. Kat Faux

    L.E.T.S. G.O. B.A.C.K. L.I.K.E. N.O.W.

  2. Katie

    Colleen, I’m going to need some copies of a few of these pictures! Megan, should we go back?!

  3. Marilyn

    I hope John the owner gets to read this and see the pics. Fantastic!

  4. Stephanie

    I am still waiting to go back!! Been asking since 1994! Hope none of you have to wait that long!

  5. Allison

    OMG SO SO SO SO PRETTY. I can’t believe a place like this exists in our world and I haven’t been!!! (angry tears). Your photos are amazing!!!!

  6. Nancy Tate

    beautiful pics. Glad you had such fun

  7. Taylor

    Ok – bucket list for sure. After hearing about Megan’s trip and now yours, it seems a must that I visit all the places. Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking. I love them all for so many reasons. But that last one… oh that last one really got me. Can’t wait to hear about it in person.

  8. Jenn

    So lovely! Definitely putting Ireland on my list. I feel like I almost went just looking at your lovely photography 🙂