Recreating Anthropologie

Recreating Anthropologie {Painted Letter}

Happy 4th of July/Independence/Fireworks day people!  I hope everyone has fun and fancy plans for the day.  We have planned a rather low key day and will mostly be keeping our fingers crossed for no rain.  What is the deal with all the rain??  Anyways, I wanted to give you guys a break from trip

Recreating Anthropologie {Chained Vase}

One day, I was casually browsing Anthropologie’s website, as I have been known to do, when I noticed a pretty fantastic looking vase.  And then I noticed that the price was $198 which puts it about 10 times outside of my price range for vase purchases.  When I looked closer at it, I thought to

Recreating Anthropologie {Stenciled Pillow}

Well, we are back at it with copying Anthropologie.  Ya’ll make sure you don’t go run and tell them now.  Some time ago, our friend Kyle sent Colleen a message saying that she had a request (we totally take requests, by the way) that we recreate this $200 Anthropologie pillow.  We obviously had to try.

Recreating Anthropologie {Paint Dripped Mason Jars DIY}

Anthropologie has been one of our favorite stores for basically forever.  Obviously I would love to own every dress, home item, and piece of jewelry, but most of all I love how the store makes me feel.  Those people really know what they are doing, with their ridiculously fantastic scented candles and dreamy displays.  Anthro is