Mich and Carla’s Mountain Wedding

When Corey and I first arrived to the location of Mich and Carla’s wedding in Hot Springs, NC, my jaw dropped.  I knew that Carla was an artist and that there would be some decorations, but literally every single inch of the ceremony and reception space was covered with beautiful and personal details.  A dessert

Julie and Jason

I met Julie several years ago through my friend Lindsay.  I often wonder if she ever sleeps because she is constantly training for her next triathlon.  But not just any triathlon.  She competes in like World Championship Triathlons.  Ridiculous.  She is training for an Ironman right now and just looking at her Facebook posts about

Seattle on Film

Seattle was everything I expected it to be: beautiful, charming, and a bit grey.  We had a ball exploring the city, taking the ferry over to Bainbridge Island (where Corey basically got offered a job and I was confused as to why he didn’t take it immediately), eating all of the food in sight, and

Pamela and Sean

Pamela and Sean were only in town for one weekend but we were able to get together so I could take some portraits.  Of course, I arrived a little early on Saturday morning to find that the location I had chosen was filled with people (and a band) who were getting ready for a 5k race.  Typical.

Wahlen Family Portraits

Several weekends ago, I got together with my friend Jory and his beautiful family to take some portraits.  I’m pretty sure Heather was a model in another life and little Havyn was just adorable.  I only shot one roll of film during the session and was kicking myself for not shooting more after seeing how gorgeous the

The Thorne Family Portraits

A couple of weekends ago, I stopped by our friend Lindsey’s house to take a couple of portraits of her adorable family.  I feel certain you guys all know Lindsey by now, the unstoppable force behind LRT Be Pretty that makes brides (and really everyone) look like goddesses.  I wanted to practice taking portraits with