Before and After

Black Lacquered Bookcase

I did it!  I rid our living room corner of ugly cords!  After my last post about finding a way to hide the stereo and internet wires in the corner, I started stalking Craigslist for the perfect bookcase made of real wood and fancy mouldings.  And I found it, but the person never got back

Campaign Inspired Media Center

I mentioned several weeks ago that Corey randomly came home with a used media center from Goodwill.  Well we finally finished updating that sucker and I cannot believe how much of an improvement it makes on my TV watching situation.  I spend half the time just thinking to myself “Self, that is good lookin.”  Initially

Little House Changes: Coffee Table Edition

Compared to many other living rooms around town, mine would most likely be considered rather small.  But don’t tell it I said that.  I can tell that it has a little bit of a complex about it and I wouldn’t want to hurt its feelings.  The style of my house is actually called “Cottage” if

Lacquered Dining Table Before and After

Our dining table has been in my family since I was little.  There is even proof in the form of lovely Megan and Colleen drawings underneath the table from when we thought it was cute to draw on furniture (definitely no longer cute).  I was using it in my old apartment as a small kitchen

Gold Leaf Mirrors

For months, I have been wanting to order one of these gold leafing pens that Jenny from Little Green Notebook is always talking about.  Since I have lots of old frames that need updating, I decided that there was no time like the present, especially since they are so cheap.  I first experimented with some

Going White in the Kitchen

I am a big fan of crisp and clean all-white kitchens, so long before we chose our house, I knew that our kitchen would be painted white.  We got super lucky that our cabinets are already white, so we were just left with the wall color.  Once again, after starting to do some research on