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Ireland: Dublin

Sorry for the two (or three) weeks of radio silence. What had happened was some jerk hacked our website. The really cute thing about having your website hacked is that the hackers usually create a backdoor in your files. So you can have the whole thing cleaned up and feel like you’ve washed your hands of the situation and then realize that the rat bastards hacked right back in and you have to start all over again. So that was me over the past two weeks. Cursing in between sips of egg nog. I think I fixed it but if you see any weird things, let me know. Also, while I was cleaning all the files I accidentally deleted our subscribers list. So if you wanted to get an email when we post (which is not quite as often as it used to be), then please subscribe again.

Let’s discuss Dublin, since we haven’t yet, which is really a shame. But first, a quick story about our trip into Castletowne Geoghegan on our way back into Dublin after staying in Dingle and Galway. While we were in Galway, Corey decided to do some sleuthing into his family history via the Geohagan Facebook page (yes that’s a thing). He found out that the town from which the Geohagans originated would be on our way and was called Castletowne Geoghegan which led me to believe that I would be given a castle upon arrival. I wasn’t, which is also a shame, but we did meet a charming bartender who answered all of our questions and served Corey a pint even though his bar wasn’t open yet. Also, a sweet Irish man stopped his car and asked me for directions while I was taking the picture below of Corey in front of the sign which led me to believe that I should maybe one day be a local.

The thing I loved most about Dublin was that even though it was a big city, there was still so much charm. We were really lucky because we were able to stay with friends who live in a great townhome right in downtown and they told us all of the good things to do and see. They also have an adorable cat named Sprout that made our time away from our kitties a little less painful. We kept her in our room at night to try to force her to cuddle with us. Some of our favorite things were walking around Grafton Street and St. Stephen’s Green and taking a tour at the Trinity College by the students in Harry Potter robes. We also did the Guinness Brewery Tour which was cool for the view at the top but not the best tour we’ve ever had (Corey preferred the Smithwick’s Tour in Kilkenny). The food was all delicious. Don’t let those liars tell you that the food in Ireland is bad because they are just trying to keep you away. It is delicious. Some of our favorites were Neon Asian Street Food, Bunsen, Fallon and Byrne (the wine cellar section), and Bibi’s Cafe. I’m particularly sad that I’m not there right now because apparently Dublin really does it up for Christmas. Ah Dublin, until we meet again…






















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  1. Kat Dawg

    Lets go back.

  2. Sprout

    because Im Sprout with a “P”

  3. Katie

    That library!

  4. Juliet A.

    Did you guys to go Kilkenny? I liked Kilkenny a lot. Very medieval looking with alleyways and bridges.

    Did you go to Powerscourt Gardens (outside of Dublin)?

    I especially liked the Donegal coast, which is the north west coast. Very rugged and beautiful.

    • Colleen

      Hi Juliet! We did go to Kilkenny! It was the cutest! We didn’t go to Powerscourt Gardens but we did make it out to the west coast. We went to Dingle and drove the Dingle Peninsula which was gorgeous.

  5. Taylor

    Holy 1st picture. LOVE. Man, you keep getting better and better at this photography thing. I also really loved the spiral staircase, the kitty, the books, and the street guitar guys. So basically every single one.