Thanksgiving 2015

Hi everyone!  We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thankgiving spent with food, family, and friends!  Sorry for our November disappearance.  We have been having some technical difficulties with the blog and Colleen has been working to try to fix everything so we were trying to wait until everything was all resolved before doing another post.  Colleen has fixed it but in doing so messed up our blog theme so if it looks weird right now, that’s why.  This is not our new look.  Colleen did take some photos of our Thanksgiving table to share.  This year I recycled our napkins and a couple striped candles from the year before and added some pretty blue candles into the mix.  The real star of the show were the big old beautiful leaves that served as place cards.  The weekend before last, Colleen, my mom, and I drove down to Charleston for a quick overnight trip to pick up my wedding dress from the store where we bought it.  I have never been to Charleston at this time of year and it was really so very nice.  Usually it is hot as blazes when we go.  The air was crisp, Christmas decorations had started to emerge, and the some of the fall leaves were clinging to the trees while many had settled on the streets and sidewalks.  We were walking down King Street towards the Battery when I noticed piles of these leaves on the ground and kind of fell in love.  So there we were gathering and marching down the streets with arm fulls of huge Charleston leaves to bring home for place cards.  Don’t worry, I washed them well.  So that’s the story of our Thanksgiving table.

colleen name

long side

blue candle

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kids table


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