Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookie Sandwiches

We had a new neighbor move in next door about 2 months ago.  When she moved in, I was like, “Look at me I am going to bake something for her and then we can take it over and introduce ourselves so she can have a lovely welcome to the neighborhood.”  Like in the movies.  Only I kept being too busy/forgetting and I have been feeling like a bigger and bigger jerk for not having introduced myself at all.  But I was bound and determined to bake a neighbor treat and fullfill my vision.  So finally last Friday I decided to get my act together and bake one of the cookie recipes from my “Yummy for Autumn” pinterest board.  It consists of two oatmeal cookies full of warm fally spices with sweet pumpkin filling nestled in between.  In other words, YES.

Oatmeal pumpkin final 3 Two Delighted copy

I followed the recipe exactly as is but doubled it so I could have cookies enough to take to the dinner party I was invited to on Friday night.  They were a big hit.  Anyways, here is the recipe and I strongly suggest that you make them too.  It is fall after all, which is the season of superior sweets (superior everything really) and we might as well embrace it before it is gone.

oatmeal pumpkin ingredients Two Delighted

Five stars if you can spot the cat in this photo.

oatmeal pumpkin juicy Two Delighted

There he is.  Juicy likes fall treats too.

Oatmeal pumpkin dry mix Two Delighted

oatmeal pumpkin cookies row Two Delighted

oatmeal pumpkin filling Two Delighted

oatmeal pumpkin filling1 Two Delighted

Oatmeal pumpkin filling2 Two Delighted

Oatmeal pumpkin final 1 Two Delighted

Oatmeal pumpkin final 2 Two Delighted


  1. Kat Faux

    There should be a photo of me eating about 3 of these, low calorie desserts. These were low calorie, right? Im talking like no more than 50 calories each, right? Please God tell me these didn’t have more than 50 calories….

  2. Stephanie


  3. Lauren Tate

    Yes, please!!! I may have to try to make these.

  4. Malissa! I love that it’s not just your regular cookie but a cookie sandwich! Thanks for the recipe and as always, your pictures are lovely.