Megan’s Christmas 2014

Hello my friends!  It is truly hard to believe that it is only 3 days until Christmas.  The season just seems to go faster and faster each year.  So fast in fact that Colleen and I haven’t even gotten to do some of our usual traditions like going to the Nutcracker and driving to see Christmas lights.  Usually I get a little huffy when I miss out on my traditions but this year I have been trying to enjoy myself and let go of the details.  One thing we are absolutely not letting go of is our tradition of baking our favorite Christmas cookies which we will be doing on Christmas eve.  I can’t wait.  I finally got around to photographing my Christmas decorations last Friday so that I could show y’all today.  They are sparkly with touches of pink, like usual.  I may not always be able to get away with using pink so I figured I should just take advantage while I can.

Megan Christmas 2014 mantel angle | Two Delighted

Megan Christmas 2014 all is calm vignette | Two Delighted

Megan Christmas 2014 entry | Two Delighted

Megan Christmas 2014 calligraphy | Two Delighted

Megan Christmas 2014 chair | Two Delighted

Megan Christmas 2014 mantle | Two Delighted

Megan Christmas 2014 gallery | Two Delighted

Megan Christmas 2014 elly | Two Delighted

Megan Christmas 2014 tree Two Delighted

Megan Christmas 2014 snowglobe | Two Delighted

Megan Christmas 2014 china cabinet | Two Delighted

Do you guys have any traditions that you get bratty if you miss?  Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!


  1. Taylor

    You really know how to put some decorations together, Meg! I want to live in your house. Have a lovely Christmas my sweet, awesome, SUPER talented friends!

  2. Jenn

    The way you decorated your kitchen light fixture is so nice! Have a Merry Christmas! Jenn

  3. Erin Andrews

    Hello. I just stumbled on your blog via Pinterest and fell in love with it. Your homes are lovely and inspiring. I look forward to sifting through and following along.

    I also fell in love with your living room paint color, Megan. It looks like one I’ve been considering. Would you mind sharing the color details please.

    Thanks so much!

    • Megan

      Hi Erin!!! Thanks so much! We really appreciate that! The color is Benjamin Moore Crystal Blue. However, I cheaped out and had it mixed by Home Depot. So I think it is close to that color. But who knows how much 😉

      • Erin Andrews

        Thanks, so much, Megan! Whatever it is, it looks great. It’s such a nice backdrop for your black accents as well as the wood tones and various colors.

        I will add crystal blue to my growing list of paint to sample.

        Have a great day!