Dream Bar with Chairish Stools

If you guys read any home decor blogs at all, then you probably know what Chairish is.  I like to think of it as an online antique market of sorts, where people can buy and sell gorgeous furniture.  I have yet to purchase anything off the site but I surely have spent several hours looking at the pretties.  A couple of weeks ago, Chairish contacted us to see if we would like to use some of their furniture to create our own “dream bar.”  We figured well why the heck not.

But let’s be rich, shall we?  This bar will be located just outside of my guest house in San Francisco (or Paris?  maybe I have two?), right near the soothing but not gawdy pool lounge area.  We are tasteful with our richness.  Wait – do people have pools in San Francisco or Paris?  Is that even a thing?  Maybe I need to be in the south of France.  Yes.  That’s better.  Ok this takes place at our third house, in the south of France.  It’s a chateau really.  While we are all toweling off from our relaxing day, we gather near the bar to make delicious cocktails in our light green glassware.


Mirror  /  Glassware  /  Crystal Decanter  /  Owl Corkscrew  /  Globe Pendant  /  Chairish Bar Stools  /  Rug (Yes I realize this is an indoor rug that I would be using outside.  That is just how rich I am hypothetically.)

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  1. Megan

    I am totally and completely on board with all of these things.

  2. Stephanie

    Great Bar! If all of us will be your next door neighbors in the sout of France.

  3. Taylor

    Haha you are too presh. I love this!! I’m coming to your bar and will mooch off your super richness.