Packing for Cali

So I’m kind of freaking out because we are leaving for California next Saturday (literally in one week) and I feel super unprepared.  I know I will work it out in time but just let me talk through my packing situation really quick so I can feel better and organize my thoughts.  We will be going to LA for one full day and two nights, Yosemite for three days, San Fran for three days, and a night in Monterey/Big Sur.  For LA, I’m thinking it will be pretty warm and like I need to have my game face on so I will be packing a couple of pretty dresses just in case I run into Ryan Gosling and he decides to whisk me away (sorry Cor, but you can’t blame me).  For Yosemite, I think we will just be hiking (right?) so I will bring my relatively attractive workout clothes.  So not the t-shirts with the holes in them that completely take up my entire t-shirt drawer, but the few that I can actually wear out in public.  And the corresponding yoga pants/running shorts.  I’m also thinking a grown up anorak might be nice since that is actually not a thing that I own.  This one from Target seems lovely and cheap (the right price!).  I’ve heard that San Francisco weather is tricky and actually kind of chilly, so I will be bringing skinny jeans, my comfy flats that I have basically worn out since Europe, and a couple of cute blouses.  I will also pack my favorite trench coat because I actually feel put together when I have it on.  Any input from people that have actually been to California before?


LA:  Dress  /  Sandals

Yosemite:  Anorak  / Yoga Pants  /  Sneakers

San Fran:  Blouse  /  Skinny Jeans /  Flats

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  1. Taylor

    Oh Colleen, have so much fun!! I’m sure you will look perfectly adorable in anything you wear, cause you always do. Sounds like such a fabulous trip. Can’t wait to hear about it.

    • Colleen

      Thanks love!

  2. rox

    as a born & raised california girl – let’s review these outfits of yours (*wink!). yosemite is spot on. LA is lookin’ good too (we are in the midst of a heat wave, so def have summer clothing ready). as for SF, I think they’ve been getting some of the heat too, but sometimes the weather there can be hit or miss (they’ve got a perma-marine-layer thing going on). so be sure to have plenty of thin layers to cover up or peel off if need be!! you’re going to have a fabulous trip!! (and let me know if you need any LA recommendations) …xo

    • Colleen

      Will do, thanks for the heads up lady!

  3. Sarah

    Keep an eye on the weather forecasts. Like Rox said, it’s been hot here (SoCal) , but the weather is pretty changeable.

    • Colleen

      Thanks Sarah – I’ll be sure to check the weather right before I pack!

  4. Michele

    I wonder if you should have something warmer for Yosemite? Sometimes being in the great outdoors means lots of air and breeze and potential chill. As someone who feels the cold I always have to have a really warm sweatshirt (you can tie it around your waist) and some layers that you can peel off. The evenings are sometimes colder too as there aren’t buildings around to hold the heat.
    Trip sounds great – have a wonderful time!

    • Colleen

      Ok I will definitely bring a sweatshirt too. Good to know, thanks Michele!

  5. Kristen

    Sounds like a super fun trip! Last week LA felt like August but I think it is supposed to be cooling down a bit. Dresses are generally good, but bring a light sweater or jacket to put over for sure. Evenings may get cool, or you just might hit one of those off days. Can’t wait to see all of your pictures when you get back!