San Antonio Recap

This weekend, my boyfriend Chris and I flew to San Antonio for the weekend to visit some old friends of his.  We had a really lovely time and Texas was pretty much exactly how I thought it would be in terms of architecture and landscape.  Our hosts definitely went out of their way to show us a good time despite that fact that Chris’s friend Kelly was 9 months pregnant.  You better believe that if I was in her place, my butt would be laid up with bon bons all weekend instead of parading guests around.  We saw the Alamo and the rest of the missions, went for cocktails at the River walk and then went to Texas Hill Country on our last day there and visited some vineyards for wine tastings.  Everything we did was super fun and I recommend them as activities if you guys ever visit.   My favorite part of the trip besides getting to meet Tyler and Kelly was spending time with their cat, Roscoe, who is definitely at the tip top of my best cats ever list.

alamo 1 | Two Delighted

Group walking | Two Delighted

Alamo chris and meg 2 | Two Delighted

river walk 2 | Two Delighted

flags | Two Delighted

river walk stage | Two Delighted

mission 1 | Two Delighted

Tyler and Kelly 1 | Two Delighted

Our sweet hosts.  Isn’t she the cutest pregnant person?

Mission San Jose facade | Two Delighted

Mission San Jose door | Two Delighted

cells | Two Delighted

Mission San Juan | Two Delighted

picnic meg and chris Two Delighted

We had a picnic at one of the missions for lunch.  Picnics are delightful.

san juan wall | Two Delighted

mission espada door | Two Delighted

mission cat | Two Delighted

Two cats live at the Mission Espada.   They basically run the show over there.

mission espada | Two Delighted

mission espada 3 | Two Delighted

roscoe | Two Delighted

 Sir Roscoe.  I completely adore him however I am sad to report that he does not return the sentiment.



  1. Taylor

    Great pictures Meg! Looks like yall had a lovely time.

  2. Katie

    Looks like you had a great trip. I’ll have to put this place on my to see list!

  3. Kat Faux

    Why was the post not strictly on Sir Roscoe, Prince of the Alamo City