For the Love of Friday


Happy happy Friday!  This weekend I am finally going on my trip to San Antonio in which I have big plans to eat my weight in Mexican food.  It is supposed to be good in Texas, right?  Figured I would pop in quickly with a happenings post before I fly out.

happenings 223 juice | Two Delighted

Let’s start with the obligatory cat photos.  At my house, cats are happening at all times.  I swear I have the most high maintenance cats ever.  At least they are cute.

happenings 223 elly | Two Delighted

My Elly Belly is majestic as hell.

happenings 223 marble | Two Delighted

I finally got the marble pastry slab that I have been wanting.  I had high hopes of improving my cat hair free baking surface situation.  I feel certain we all knew where that was going.  Obvi, it has become Juicy’s new favorite perch. Every cat needs a hard marble surface for cooling his belly.

happenings 223 snow globe | Two DelightedThe winter storm the other week made me feel like I was living in a snow globe.

happenings 224 car | Two Delighted

My poor little bug enjoyed his last snow before I had to give him up.   Remember how I was planning on getting a super grown up and responsible car?  Well, after dragging my feet for 2 months, I finally came to the conclusion that I am not yet ready to be a grownup.

happenings 223 bug | Two Delighted

And I got another bug!!  Oops.   At least this one isn’t a convertible and has better storage.  That’s more grown up, right?

happenings 224 roses | Two Delighted

Here is a picture I took of my early Valentines roses against the fluffy snow.  It reminded me of Snow White.

happenings 223 calligraphy | Two Delighted

I watched Finding Neverland the other night after not having seen it for years and years.  I was reminded about what a delight the story of Peter Pan is.  It also has some exceptionally clever quotes, which prompted me to pick up my pen.  I still need some serious work on my flourishing.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


  1. Stephanie

    Your writing looks great and so do your pictures! I saw your cute bug. Have a safe trip.

  2. Carolina Charm

    YAY for the new bug!!!!! Have so much fun in TX!

  3. Taylor

    Great post! I love the happenings in your lovely, beautiful life. Have a great trip bud.

  4. rox

    woot new bug! they’re just too cute….my husband won’t let me get another one though 🙁