Inspired by Ice Skating Outfits

The Olympics are over once again which is a total bummer.  Every 4 years, I get swept up in the drama of the ice skating competition.  Ice skaters are such a nice combination of elegance, grace, and strength.  Their cute little booties are certainly enviable.  And their outfits are just so wonderfully sparkly.  Now some of them choose frocks that are not my cup of tea.  But the gold medal winner this year had on a little dress that I found to be striking.  Something about that gold detailing over a lovely shade of grey.  The detail work on the applique was so interesting and not overly ornate or girly.  I was smitten.  I can see (despite the controversy) why the judges picked her.  When you look good, you look good.  If only I could find a dress/shirt/whatever just like that but obviously 3 times larger to cover my non ice skater booty.

Ice Skating Inspiration_edited-3

cake yum / pillow / vase / belt / necklace / door / shirt

 Happy Monday folks.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. Ali

    I love this color combo, so romantic!

  2. rox

    love that you did a round up based on an ice skater’s outfit!! I feel like I’ve been drawn to more gold details myself lately…

  3. Taylor

    Yeah, I’m loving that color combo!