Valentine's Day

Heart Attack

Happy almost Valentine’s Day!  If any of you live in the south and/or watch the news, you know we just got a huge (for us) winter storm here.  Holy bananas.  Our world is shut down.  Unfortunately, I am supposed to fly out to San Antonio for a little weekend trip tonight and I am really scared my flight will get canceled.  Fingers crossed I can get out.  In the meantime, I will be putting off packing by enjoying the white beauty.  Probably my favorite part of Valentine’s day is the prevalence of pink and hearts.  I have no problem admitting that when it comes to those things, I am a girly girl.  You can catch me doodling hearts on the reg elementary school style.  Here are some of the pretty heart items that are available that would be nice any old time of year.

Heart Attack

1. Pillow  2.  Mug  3.  Sunglasses  4.  Earrings  5.  Book  6.  Nail Polish  7.  Tights  8.  Spice Cellar  9.  Garland


  1. Stephanie

    Safe trip! It will show you the progress of your flight and send you alerts of delays, cancellations, when flights are taxiing taking off 45 min prior to landing and when they land. I love it for when the kids fly( like all your trips last year). I knew where your plane was and when you landed and took off.