California Dreaming

To help myself get over the gloomy cold, I have started planning our big trip for this summer.  Corey and I will be heading out west to California to visit good friends and to bask in the sunshine of the California coast.  Oh sunshine, won’t you be lovely.  Per my bucket list of vacation spots, we will be spending time in Big Sur, San Fran (obviously), and Yosemite after we stop into LA.  You guys probably know more than I do, so do you have any recommendations for those specific places?  And/or any other locales that we need to add to the list?  Stay warm guys.


Image credits: Big Sur  /  San Fran (Meg took this picture last time she was there)  / Yosemite

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  1. Quinn Marvin

    Have fun on the left coast. Sounds like a fun trip. Holla in SF would love to grab a drink with you guys.

  2. Jenn

    Yosemite is incredible! Make sure you take the hike up to the view of Half Dome (we went in May so Half Dome wasn’t open yet) and then hiked down via the waterfall mist trail. It was a full day hike, but incredible views and worth every second of the climb!

    For food in San Fran, there are so many great places to eat but I really enjoyed brunch at this whole-in-the-wall place called Split Pea Seduction. Very laid-back, earthy, and California.

  3. Stephanie

    Monteray —There is Bed and Breakfast there called “The Seven Gables” if you are near there a beautiful place to stay. On the water!!! Calistoga is a great place to stay up in Napa.

  4. rox

    gaaaahhh…we should do a little LA blogger meet up!!