Holiday Pictures with Craig and Catrina

I’ve always wanted to do holiday cards.  They seem like such a nice way of saying “hi friend, I like you a whole lot and miss you dearly, and happy holidays.”  Don’t they?  Well I’ve never done them because if there is one thing I am lazy about it is cards of any kind.  Luckily, this year, my friend Catrina and I struck up a trade where she would take our (Corey, Picasso, and I, obviously) holiday photos and I would photograph her with her lovely husband Craig and adorable newborn baby Abby.  Before I show you how ours came out, I wanted to share some of the photos of Catrina’s family.  Abby makes the most fantastic little faces.







During this picture, Corey was trying to make Abby smile by doing a spot on impression of Megan’s cat Juice, who sounds exactly like a bird.



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  1. Megan

    Hahaha. Oh that silly old Juicebox. Abby is hilarious. Great faces. Beautiful pictures Bean.

  2. Jean Wilks

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful young family.

  3. Lindsay

    These are beautiful. You are so good, Colleen!