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Picking out a rug already

Remember that time I was picking out a rug for our family room and couldn’t make up my freaking mind?  No?  Well I do, because it’s been like this whole year.  Ridiculous.  I wrote this post forever ago and could never pull the trigger on any of them.  Then when it started getting cold I realized that the fluffy Beni Ourain inspired moroccan rugs seemed delightful for my tootsies, and became obsessed, like the rest of all of the bloggers in the entirety of the world.  My favorite that I found for under $1000 was this one.  But $800 for a big fluffy white rug that we will probably spill spaghetti sauce almost immediately on seemed pretty much stupid.  I came across this one from RugsUSA while they were having their 65% off sale that I didn’t love quite as much.  But after seeing some of the following images, I thought it might be just the ticket if I layer a small one over a large jute rug.  This way, if I start to hate (or more likely, ruin) the moroccan one, I won’t have to cry myself to sleep that I wasted a bunch of money on an expensive rug.


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Have you guys had any decisions that have taken you FOREVER?

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  1. Quinn

    Yep. Right there with you. It’s so hard to decide what to spend that much money on that you’ll have to live with for a while (don’t want to pick a trendy rug that you’ll rate in a year). I’ve had trouble with furniture layout lately… Which means I’m having trouble with essential parts of the room too like hanging artwork. Basically, it looks like we just moved in, but we’ve really been here for 11 months already :-/

  2. Kristen

    It’s better to think things out than to rush into a decision you end up regretting! I love the look of layered rugs! Do IT.

  3. rox

    haha – I totally remember your last ‘rug dilemma’ post! but you know what, these things are major investments – so I get it. it took me two years just to buy a CHAIR…a freaking CHAIR for my studio.

    ps- love the layered rugs…my studio is like that as we speak.