Colleen + Corey Wedding

Two Years

Two years ago today, Corey and I became husband and wife.  When people ask me if things feel differently than before we were married, I usually say not really.  But that’s not completely true.  Marriage is hard, sometimes really hard, but it is also one of the best things I’ve ever done.  This year I think we’ve both tried to work on listening to each other.  Doing things even when we don’t want to, just to make the other person happy.  Saying sorry when we’re wrong, which is particularly difficult for me since I am so unbelievably stubborn.  I’m my best self when he’s around.

I love you, darling.

400Image by Abigail Seymour

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  1. Katie

    Happy anniversary you two! I love you both!

  2. Megan

    Happy anniversary! You guys are something special.

  3. Taylor

    Happy Anniversary kids!!

  4. Kat Faux

    Thanks baby cakes….I love you too

  5. Coastal Splendor

    Aw, happy anniversary!


  6. Christina

    Awww! Happy Anny you two! Cheers to year 3!!

  7. Kristen

    AWWWWWW…..Happy Anniversary!!

  8. rox

    what a stunning photo! I’m not a veil kinda gal…but your veil was SO STUNNING. congrats on two years! xo

  9. Lindsay

    Happy Anniversary, guys! Love this picture!