All the Taupe Things

At the beginning of every season change, I always make a mental note of some new pieces I would like to buy as they come out in stores.  As I have gotten older, I have become much more particular about what I like and I have a tendency to buy fewer pieces but ones I know I love or will wear for years to come.  This year when I was analyzing the items that I want like I always do (No, I don’t), I discovered a trend.  All of the things were taupe.  What?!?  I never and I mean never buy taupe things.  Usually I think taupe is pretty boring and although it may be occasionally necessary in the world, it very infrequently is something I choose intentionally or get very excited about.  What in the wide world of sports is happening to me?  The only explanation I can think of is that I have finally gone and turned into my mother who practically lives in brown and taupe.  I have known it was coming for years as I have noticed with increasing frequency surprising comments slip out of my mouth and wondered where they came from.  This taupe situation pretty much solidifies it.  I suppose this isn’t so bad really.  She is a pretty cool chick.

taupe collage

1. Shimmer Palette Cardigan–  Colleen and I are cardigan queens in the winter and this one looks perfectly sweet and thin for layering a coat over.

2. Maleficent Boots–  I have never bought myself a pair of high boots before.  Can you even believe that?  I just never really finds ones I am crazy about but I am pretty smitten with the simple look and color of these.

3. Flocked Rain Wedges–  I don’t have much to say about these other than they were the first item on my list and I want em.

4.  Essie Miss Fancy Pants– This looks like fall to me.  Plus I am a big fan of the name.

5. Midi Skirt with Pocket Detail–  Gah.  I want this skirt so bad and it is out of stock.  I should have bought it weeks ago but I was dumb and waited.  Now I have to cling desperately to hopes they will re-stock it in my size.

6. Sheer Droplets Earrings–  I have been wanting to get a pair of simple studs for some time and while I probably won’t get these specifically cause they are more than I want to spend, I think they are quite cute.

7. Dotside Blazer–  Taupe elbow patches.  Also you can roll up the sleeves and the blue polka dot fabric it is lined with pops out.  So cute I die.  Plus one can never have enough blazers.

Have any of you guys noticed that you have become your parents as well?  It is a startling realization to be faced with.  At least I know I am not completely alone as Colleen was practically born being my mother.

Also, please forgive me as I work to try to expand my photoshop collage skills.  They continue to be far from perfect.


  1. Taylor

    Yeah… I’m loving all of this. All of it. The earrings!!! Oh man.. the skirt, boots, nail polish. I love it all. You must have that skirt, Meg. It’s so incredibly you.

  2. rox

    I feel like I’ve been on a bit of a neutral kick myself (it’s sprinkled amongst my mostly black wardrobe of course). loving that essie color – you’re right – so. fall.