For the Love of Friday- Transition to Fall

According to the calendar people (who are they really?), this Sunday marks the first official day of fall.  This makes me exceptionally happy and I realize our love for fall may be a little excessive but we refuse to stop talking about it.  Our apologies.   I love the cute pumpkins, delicious treats, crunchy leaves, cozy clothes, and the fact that my favorite holiday gets thrown in the middle of it all doesn’t hurt either.  But the part of fall I love the most is the way that it feels.  There is a change in the air and a crispness that is almost palpable.  The heaviness of summer humidity finally gives in and breathing seems easier.  The air even smells different although it is really quite difficult to pinpoint the scent.   It feels more drastic to me than the transition between any of the other seasons.

transition to fall 1

transition to fall white pumpkins

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Here is a list of songs to help you guys ease into fall this weekend.  While they may not necessarily be about fall, they most certainly feel like it to us.

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Here is a link to the playlist for those reading on mobile devices.

Happy Fall y’all!


  1. Taylor

    ahhhh sweet, sweet fall. Happy fall!