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Decorating the Mantle

Y’all I am so bad at naming posts.  I think it is just getting lamer and lamer.  I was trying to think of a name for this one and I actually thought up “Mantling my Mantle” which makes no sense to anyone, including me.  If someone has some magic cleverness fairy dust they need to send it my way.  Ok so enough about my lameness.  The mirror I purchased for the family room fireplace is here and it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.  I have been ogling it since this first post about the dining room and wasn’t going to pull the trigger because holy expensive but when it went on 40% off sale last month I decided it was stupid to not buy it.

Mantle Mirror | Two Delighted

So here’s the thing.  You might have noticed that it is kinda skinny compared to the mantle width.  Like it needs to eat a pizza.  And if I cared more about such things, I would have bought a wider mirror.  But instead, I bought the one that made me feel happy but it also needs a little bit extra on the sides.  My initial thought was to place candle sconces on both sides to fill in the empty space.  I did a pretty rough draft of how it would look in photoshop, and I actually don’t know if I like it with the sconces.


I almost think it takes away from the mirror.  Of course the crappy photoshopping doesn’t help its case.  Another thought is to just style the hell out of the mantle with candles and cloches – a la Danielle Moss’s ridiculously fantastic looking fireplace below.  What do you guys think.  Sconces or no sconces?



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  1. Katie

    No sconces! I say style that mantle up!

  2. Megan

    Second Katie’s opinion. Style that sucker up and give it some height on either side. I’m glad you did this mockup. Also you could try eating lots of pizza and hope some of the excess cals transfer to your mirror. That would be a win for everyone.

  3. Kristen

    Hmmmm. If you do go with sconces I don’t think those are the right ones. Too small and skinny. I think you should just style the mantle with lots candles like you mentioned. I could also see two large floral arrangements on either side to add some height throughout.

  4. rox

    ‘mirrored mantel’? ‘dis-mantel’? I always over think the titles of my posts…haha!

    I am thinking no to sconces. I like the idea of like two plants (mini topiaries maybe?) and a stylized mantel…candles…gold frames…you get the vibe. great score on that mirror though, it’s a rad piece!

  5. Kat Dawg

    Title Post options: X-Mantle, Mantle Kane, Apocalypse Mantle, Premium Mantle, Mantle & Cash, Mantle in Little Tokyo, Mantle’s 11, Mantle’s 12, Percy Jackson: Sea of Mantles, RoboMantle, Breaking Mantle, Mantling Bad, Mantles of Anarchy, Mantle!, The Dark Mantle, Boyz in the Mantle………………

  6. Taylor

    Hahaha. This post (and comments) makes me giggle. I’m with Megan on eating pizza to see if that will help your mirror’s waistline. I’ll be glad to help since I’m a pizza junkie 🙂

    I’m with everyone else; no sconces. I know you can style the hell out of that mantle child. Do it up!

  7. Lindsay

    Not feeling those sconces. Style it up all the way.

  8. Kelly

    Have you tried the mirror horizontally?? It is beautiful and I love your curtains too!

  9. Barbara

    I vote for horizontal.