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Painting the Powder Room

Actually, I didn’t really mind the previous color in our powder room.  It was a nice powder blue color that wasn’t causing anyone harm.  I probably would have left the paint alone for a while longer, but when the towel holder fell out of the wall leaving a huge gaping hole, it was time for me to do something.  Three months later.  After I had several parties with the hand towel left on top of the toilet which is pretty gross.  I’m a little ashamed.  But last weekend, I finally patched the wall and painted the room, finishing it off with a new light fixture, towel holder and toilet paper holder.  There’s gotta be a fancier name for that but I just don’t know it.



For the paint, I decided to go with the same color that I fell in love with in our living room – Opal Essence by Benjamin Moore.  It is the perfect mint green as far as I am concerned.  The light fixture is from Restoration Hardware and I am quite happy with how it updates the room but still gives a lovely vintage touch.  We updated the towel and tp holder to oil rubbed bronze which is a nice contrast to the beadboard and wall color.  To finish up the room, we definitely need a new mirror because look at how weirdly it is placed.  There is a whole bunch of space below the mirror but it is super close to the fixture.  Weird.  Also, it needs to be bigger.  I am planning on putting a white lacquer shelf in that big empty space above the toilet and filling it with lots of pretty art.  Finally, when the finish on the faucet bugs me enough, I will probably just spray paint it oil rubbed bronze as well.  People do that apparently.  Way cheaper than buying a new one.




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  1. Megan

    Looks soo much better and I am obsessed with that light fixture!