For the Love of Friday- Halloween Purchasing

My need to purchase Halloween items could be compared to most girls’ need to purchase shoes.  As a result, things tend to get a little out of control for me this time of year when all of the Halloween junk starts coming out in stores and online.  I am like a fiend for Halloween merchandise and I really just can’t get enough.  One would think that my entire storage closet full of dead people hands, animated witch brooms and spider webs would be enough for a person but I find that it is not.  And I want more more more.  Since I have done quite a lot of research in this area, I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur in the Halloween decor department.  I figured I would share some of the crap I have already drained my bank account on this year and all of the things I am still coveting.

Also to note…I just start messing around and trying to teach myself how to do photoshop collages this morning and the following images are the result.  I didn’t kill myself to try to make them perfect because I had other things to do this morning and it shows.  I apologize.  I will make efforts to improve in the future.  Thank you for your patience.

Pottery Barn Halloween purchases

I found that Pottery Barn had a pretty good selection of Halloweeness this year and couldn’t really help myself but to make a few purchases when the catalogue first came out.  All of these items I have been pretty happy with considering I knew that moss garland thing could turn out to be a serious dog.  I will post pictures of my Halloween decorations in action someday.  But not quite yet.  I have been having fun with using random Halloween items of my liking this year because we are having our party at Colleen’s house and so I am not restricted by a theme at my own.

1. Lit Spanish Moss Garland– Good quality and a nice mix of spooky and twinkly.

2. Glitter Spider Vase filler– this is excellent quality and the spiders are substantial.  Not dinky like the Dollar Store ones

3. Drippy Wax Taper Candle set

4. Floating Candle String Light

Still Want

Here are some things I am eyeing.  I am pretty desperate for this Spooky Tree for my front yard but at 200 big ones I am not sure that is gonna happen.  A girl can dream.

1. Faux Furry bats– I think these would look good hanging from my ceiling

2. Lace Pumpkins– Sophisticated and creepy

3. Bat branch condiment set– How fancy is this?

4. Framed Halloween Silhouettes– I am thinking these would look cool mixed in with my wall plates.

5. Lit Spanish Moss Wreath– I like the garland so much, I wouldn’t mind the wreath as well

Are any of y’all as obsessed with Halloween decor as I am?  Is Halloween a sad sad time for your bank account monies like it is for mine?  Am I a total mess?  Obviously.

Happy Friday and happy first unofficial weekend of fall (in my opinion anyways)!


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