Duckie Baby Shower Cupcakes by Cup a Dewdle Dew

Bonjour friends!  Next up is Nicola from cup a dewdle dew who makes the most incredible cupcakes and does things with fondant that don’t seem even remotely possible.  One of my favorite examples is the lobster and nautical inspired cupcakes Nicola made for a Cape Code Bridal Shower we threw for a friend.  But I don’t know man, these duckie office cupcakes might be even better.  I mean can you even with the cuteness?  Thanks so much for sharing Nicola!

Hello Two Delighted friends and followers!

My name is Nicola and I am so excited and honored to be making a guest appearance on this fabulous blog! Colleen and Megan are two of the sweetest girls I know and always add some sunshine into my world with their beautiful daily posts. I feel so lucky to be a part of their digital world and hope to bring something sweet to the mix.

I have a passion and slight obsession with sugar! Our house always has candy around and usually a plate full of cookies or cupcakes. Along with my serious sweet tooth, I have a love for art and it didn’t take long for me to put these two together. It brings me so much joy to create fondant decorations that are personalized and add a fun finishing touch. Recently I was asked to make baby shower cupcakes for an office party – to give these a little bit of an “office” theme, the rubber duckies are sporting their finest blue ties!


Thank you for letting me share a bit about me and remember to always enjoy the sweeter things in life!

Thank you Megan and Colleen!

Nicola from cup a dewdle dew

  1. Lindsey @ be pretty

    What a sweet surprise seeing you up here today!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I can spot your work a mile away… love, love, love! You blow me away girlfriend!

    • Nicola

      Thank you so much sweetie!! Love you girl and thank you for always being my cheerleader!!! XOXOXOXOXXOXO

  2. Taylor

    Super impressive! Those lil ducks are way cute. I also LOVE the way you iced the cupcakes. Beautiful!

  3. Nicola

    Thank you so much girls, so exciting to see the post!! Sending lots of love from state side! xoxo