Red Lipstick Ready

My makeup routine is about as simple as it gets.  Powder, maybe some very neutral eyeshadow, and mascara.  On a really good day, I’ll add on foundation (before the powder, obviously), eyeliner, and a tinted lipgloss.  I’m pretty happy with the products I use, but I always use the same ones.  My makeup rut is so severe that when I know a big event is coming up, I start to get panicky about the fact that I won’t be able to do my makeup.  I look up all these tutorials with hopes and aspirations that I will look like someone that can do my makeup well.  Then I’ll pretty much ignore them day of and do the same boring thing I always do.  One thing that I’ve been wanting (but been too scared) to try is lipstick.  In particular, red lipstick.  Since my eye makeup is so simple, it would be the perfect thing for me to add to make me look a little different than the everyday.  But y’all I’m scared I will look like a clown.  I know when I get to France I will feel like a frumpy mcfrumperson no matter how hard I try to look chic, so I feel like now is the time for me to step out of my comfort zone and purchase my first red lipstick.  It’s now or never I think.  The world sometimes tells me that I can’t wear red because I’m a redhead, but I say screw em Angus.  So here we go.  Now which one to choose?


Lipstick options to make me glamorous:

1) Nars Jungle Red is one of those lipsticks that gets really good reviews and is supposed to look good on everyone.  Looks a little orangey to me.  I don’t know if I’m supposed to go orangey or bluey but for some reason bluey sounds better.  But I should probably try it anyway.

2) MAC Ruby Woo is supposedly the go to red.  This is a must try.

3) Revlon Super Lustrous Fire and Ice  has apparently been around for forever (like our grandmas probably used it) and is way cheaper than the other options.  I can’t try it before I buy it like I can in the fancy stores, but it is less than half the price of the next cheapest option so maybe I should just purchase for the heck of it?

4) I’m still pretty scared of lipstick.  I have literally never worn it except to play dress up when I was little.  So if I chicken out, maybe this Yves Saint Laurent lip stain will be an ok replacement?

5) Normally I would never even think of wearing a lip pencil but Jamie from Ann Street Studio, who I am kind of in love with, mentioned that she uses this Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in one of her posts that I can no longer find.  The Sephora reviews are pretty great too, so maybe it’s a winner?

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  1. Megan

    I have no words of advice on lipstick but want to put in a request we watch Angus soon.

  2. Katie

    My advice…lets go makeup shopping!

    • Colleen

      Obviously we must. Soon!

  3. Alexandra

    I have red hair too, and was super hesitant to try a red lip, thinking that it would emphasize the pink undertones of my skin. That said, if you go with a blueish red, it won’t overwhelm you! I went to a makeup counter and asked for the best red for me, and it worked out well, I would recommend that. Otherwise, pick something more blue! =]

    • Colleen

      Thanks so much Alexandra! That definitely helps with my confusion, great advice!

  4. Taylor

    I have no advice for lipstick either…. I’m scared of it myself. Good luck! Let me know if you get any good tips 🙂

    • Colleen

      Haha will do Tay

  5. Ivy + Molly

    I think I would choose #2 or #4! My favorite right now is the long wear glosses. I think the one I like is made my Revlon. It really does last several hours. My makeup routine is really simple too, but I like it that way. I don’t have 2 hours to get ready in the morning- deff don’t wake up early enough for that.


    • Colleen

      Oh yah girl, on a regular day the world is lucky if they get mascara out of me. Long wear glosses are definitely a good option, particularly if I chicken out on the lipstick.

  6. Kelly

    Have you ever been on They have productville which reviews al billion beauty products and then they have a makeup board, a skincare board, and cafe board amongst others. Pleasssseeee go look sometime. Love your blog!!!

    • Colleen

      Kelly, I have, but a long time ago! Thanks so much for reminding me, I will have to check it out! Thank your for your sweet comment 🙂

  7. chartreuse & a twist

    Red lips are where it’s at, girl! And you would be stunning with them 🙂 My personal faves are the YSL lip stain – which is much bolder than you might imagine from a lip stain. Seriously the BEST glossy stain ever (well worth the pretty penny). My other fave is MAC – but Ruby Woo was not the right red for me – I use Russian Red and get compliments galore on the color every time! Make sure you get a liner, too, to keep the red only on your lips 😉 Good luck making your decision!! XO Brynn

    • Colleen

      Thanks Brynn!! I had heard of Russian Red as well so I will look into that. The YSL lip stain is really seeming like the ticket too! I need to go to the mall to figure this situation out.

  8. Lindsay

    I own #2 and love it!! I got the matte version so it would stay on longer and it does but I use Chapstick with it so it won’t feel so dry. It’s a great color!

  9. Lindsay

    Oh and I do own the ruby woo color and for some reason this lipstick smells amazing! Kinda like vanilla! Happy hunting!

    • Colleen

      So good to hear Lindsay! I will get thee to the Mac counter and definitely try ruby woo and russian red.