To Do List

Every time I have a birthday, it is a reminder of the passage of time which seems to go more quickly each year.  I seriously feel like last year’s birthday was the day before yesterday.  It is very easy to find myself getting into a daily routine and sometimes I default to doing the same things week after week.  In an effort to be more conscious of remembering to do things that I love and enjoy but for some reason don’t often do, I am making a list of some things that I want to remember to do before my birthday rolls around again.

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1. Spend more time painting/drawing-  When I was in high school, I took several art classes (didn’t we all?) and I made the discovery that I really love creating art.  I know that here we do lots of craft projects and the occasional cheap and easy art project.  But I would like to spend more time painting on canvas and sketching.  I would also like to invest in some nicer paint supplies for myself.

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2. Read more- I haven’t been getting to read as much lately as I would like and that sucks.  When I am having down time, I am gonna make more of an effort to read instead of watch tv because I find that reading makes me feel better and is so much more full-filling.

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3.  Do more new things in Charlotte-  There are sooo many things to do in my city that I have never done and that is silly pants.  I have no excuses.  I need to do them.  But first I need to figure out what they are.  Any ideas??

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4.  See more live music- I need to be more aware of when bands/musicians I like are coming to my area and then go see them cause live music is fun and it makes you feel good.

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5.  Learn calligraphy-  I have been saying for years that I want to learn calligraphy and this year I finally want to do it.  Cause it’s pretty and I suspect it will make me feel fancy and sophisticated which are two things I usually am not.

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6.  Ride a dang horse-  Okay, I have been wanting to go horse back riding forever (as in like 10 years) and I never do cause no one will go with me.  Well I am going and that’s that.  I used to go occasionally when I was younger and I loved it.

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7.  Bake more-  Baking makes me happy but I sometimes avoid doing it because I have a tendency to consume ALL of my final product and then I can’t fit my jeans.  I need to remember that I can bake things and then give them away to other people.  And maybe just eat like 1/4th myself.  And then people will like me more too.  Unless what I made is gross.

So since you are my friends, it is your job to make sure that I at least try to do most of these things before next April.  You got that?  If I don’t do them, I am gonna blame you.  So bug me until I do them.

Happy Monday!


  1. Kristen

    This looks like my kinda to do list! Everything sounds so fun 🙂

  2. Stephanie

    That’s a great list. They have very calm horses to ride at the Biltmore House. You could spend a weekend up there and see the house. Pretty place to draw art work too.

  3. Taylor

    I like this list. I like it a lot. I will help you with this list. Ok ya know what I love doing in the Spring?? I LOVE going to NoDa on a weekend afternoon to walk around, listen to music, have a few beers. It makes me feel like I’m in Boone again. Let’s do that soon. I’m also on the email list for Charlotte Culture Guide. Get up on it and we’ll find some fun stuff to do.

  4. Marilyn

    pretty impressive.