Outfits for Paris

Jut in case you guys had any ill-conceived notions that I am one of those glamorous bloggers, but let me be the first to tell you that I am not.  I pretty much look like a ragamuffin for 95% of the time, and the condition has become even worse since I’ve started a pilot study for work (essentially large scale labwork).  Corey was reading a Paris guide book the other day and it said (and I quote) “do not wear shorts and you better look good or the people will give you the side eye.”  Ok it didn’t really say that but pretty darn close.  Not that it really matters if they give me the side eye, but I would like to at least look somewhat put together for our trip to France.  In a perfect world, I would like to look effortlessly chic.  My first purchase in this effort will be a neutral, classy trench coat.  This one from Asos really seems to fit the bill.  I will also be bringing along some comfy and flattering jeans (did I tell you guys I finally gave in and started wearing skinny jeans??) as well as some neutral blouses.  Add some pretty flats with support and a messy bun, and my day uniform will be set.  For night, I will definitely be bringing some more glamorous dresses, but I have a feeling I will usually want to err on the side of a casual dress and wedges, as we will be spending a lot of time walking around the city.

 Coat / Dress / Wedges / Blouse / Jeans / Flats







  1. Kristen

    OH paris….. I wish I had the money and time! Love all of these looks.