Colleen's house

Dark Gray Entryway

I generally lean towards very neutral paint colors, and almost always the lightest paint color on the chip.  But in our entryway, I wanted to do something a little more dramatic.  So I decided to go with a dark gray, which is obviously still neutral, but also just the pop of drama that I was looking for.  I again asked google what he likes because he is really the smartest person that I know, and he told me that the world really enjoys Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal, Trout Gray, and Chelsea Gray.  Ultimately, Chelsea Gray was too light and Kendall Charcoal was just a bit too brown for my liking, so we ended up going with Trout Gray.  The one caveat with Trout Gray is that at certain parts of the day, it starts to look pretty much navy.  I love navy and have no big problems with this, but some people might want their gray to be only gray and well this just isn’t it.  It’s gray-navy.  But real pretty nonetheless.

That fantastic looking mirror came complements of Megan via her magical antique mall.  She is always finding the best things there.  I will also be doing some sort of picture wall situation on the wall next to the stairs, maybe something like this.  Eventually, I will be changing out the light fixture potentially for a Hicks pendant.  Not anytime soon though because those things are expensive.







  1. Lindsay

    Looks great, Colleen. Love that gray.

  2. Taylor

    Love the color!! And LOVE the mirror with it. Good job!

  3. Megan

    Really looks fantastic Bean

  4. chartreuse & a twist

    This is stunning!!! I absolutely love the drama…so beautiful! And with the pop of that gorgeous patina-ed (making up my own spelling here??) mirror it is just WOW! Your home is just becoming lovelier & lovelier every day! XO Brynn

  5. Kristen

    ahh, i think you may have just found our office color. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turns navy in some lights. Its beautiful and like you said totally different without going to far out of the box. The picture gallery will be an awesome added touches. The things that turn a house to home 😉

  6. Stephanie

    I really like it!

  7. Stephanie

    Will also keep my eyes open for a pendant that looks like that