Snow Day

It doesn’t snow here very often.  I kind of like it that way because when it does, the world shuts down.  Quite seriously, it shuts down because everyone is so awful at driving in the ice and snow that most of us find it prudent to stay home.  I can hear you northerners laughing from here.  I think during our last major ice storm I decided it would be super fun to wreck into a exit ramp guardrail.  (It was not actually fun.)  We were treated to our first snow on Saturday.  For several hours, our little city was a winter wonderland.

Corey got in a bit of a snowball fight with the neighbor’s dog.  I’m pretty sure the dog won.  He (Corey, not the dog) also attempted to get Pica into the snow spirit but she was less than pleased.  He put her little paws in the snow and she was scraping her way back into the house.

The next morning, I was sad to see the snow start to melt.  But let’s be honest, it was probably better for the sake of my car.

P.S. Also wanted to include this shot Megan took right at the end of her brunch.  So pretty right?  Sorry for too many pictures, I just get really excited about snow.







  1. Megan

    Beauty pictures Bean! Yay for a snow day!

  2. Katie

    It was such a winterwonderland and your pictures (both yours and Megan’s) are wonderful. I wouldn’t mind spending more Saturday afternoons just like the last one! Tell Pica her cousin Theo loved the snow!

  3. Taylor

    Love the snow pictures guys! Man alive, I love me some snow days.

  4. Megan

    Also, I love the look on Pica’s face here. She looks displeased.