Colleen's house

House Before

I like how I’m calling this post “before” when I know full and well that it’ll be years until we see an “after.”  I have been meaning to take pictures for you guys for the past several weekends and it just hasn’t happened, so I have decided to reside on the side of lazy and just use the pictures we took with my iphone when we first toured the house.  The previous owner had the house in great condition, which is always lovely, particularly after one of the last houses we looked at had a basement that I’m pretty sure dead people were buried in.  Yay for no ghosts.  Some of my favorite things are/were the little nook off the master bedroom which I showed you previously, the front living room which has great light, and the outdoor fireplace, obviously.  We have big plans to hang bistro lights and have many outside game nights over the summer.

Corey and I are painting the family room/dining room area this weekend and I am having my own personal battle of finding the perfect gray.  I remember when Megan painted her room gray a couple of years ago and was having such a hard time and I thought she was crazy.  No longer friends.  No longer.  To be honest, I am a little overwhelmed with the task of decorating when Megan has really always been the decorator.  Obviously I have been asking her advice here and there, but this is the first time it is all me, and I am pretty terrified I am gonna mess it up.  Just my perfectionist tendencies I suppose.  I typically know what I like when I like it, but I am a little unsure of how to make sure things blend from room to room.  And don’t even get me started on my confusion with all things rugs.  I’ve pretty much changed my mind every day.  Let’s hope I don’t go buying 52 rugs that I don’t like because those things are expensive.  I’ll update you guys next week on how the painting turns out.






  1. Megan

    Dude, I have no question that your house is gonna be a knockout. Just keep going with your gut and only buys things when you LOVE them and it will all work. I will not let you end up with 50 million rugs because I will high jack them and take them to my house when you don’t like em. No prob Bob. Also these before pictures turned out pretty good for Mr. iPhone

  2. Megan

    Also, please click on the perfect gray link in the post people! It compares gray to Corey and my favorite subject…Ryan Gosling. And is pretty genius.

  3. Kelly

    I just grabbed my husband and made him look at these pictures saying word for word “This is it. This is exactly the kind of look (outside) and flow (inside) that I want in a house someday” The bedroom nook! Ahhh. His response was there was no room for a soccer field in the backyard….

  4. Colleen

    Thanks Meg and Laura! Kelly you are too sweet, your comment totally made my day! Haha my husband would love a soccer field in the back as well. No dice though :).

  5. rox

    GAAHHHH!! I can’t believe you live there! and that’s your house!! I love how big all of your windows are. amazing. amazing.

    ps- your ‘yay for no ghosts’ comment had me nearly in tears from laughter.

  6. Christina

    SUCH a gorgeous home. I totally understand being terrified to run into any decor decision. We haven’t nailed ONE thing to the wall yet – too scared. 🙂

  7. Caitlin

    Love it! Such a cute house!

  8. Lauren Tate

    Congratulations on your new home. It is absolutely perfect!!! I cannot wait to come and visit! xoxo

  9. Taylor

    Ohhhh man. I love your house! I absolutely cannot wait to see it. The back patio area is amazing. I hope I get to be a part of that game night under the bistro lights 🙂