Seriously gold bar carts?

I get it.  I really do.  Furniture is expensive.  However, something that has been completely baffling me is how crazy expensive gold bar carts are.  You can find silver ones or black ones for reasonable prices, but the gold ones are almost always close to $1000 or more.  Is it real gold?  Will it make the drink for me?  Just crazy pants.  I’m not allowed to buy one yet anyway because I need more practical things right now, like a sofa and rugs.  I really only want one for the prettiness and the fact that I barely drink alcohol makes it borderline ridiculous for me to have one.  The etsy cart at the bottom is actually pretty reasonable, but I think I might have my best good antique finder (i.e., Megan) start sleuthing for one at her local haunts.  Do you guys know of some other places to find one where you don’t have to sell your firstborn?

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six






  1. Megan

    Girl…We got this. I feel confident in my talent of thing finder. Also, Society Social has beauty ones but they are also millions. Are any of these from there? You are making me want one real bad too. I have all that liquor and it is laying on its side up in my cupboard.

  2. Lindsay

    I hear these crazy stories about people finding amazing bar carts for cheap on craigslist. They must be liars.

  3. Kristen

    ah, this post is so timely. i’m in the market for a cart in between two windos in our master bathroom. These are beautiful and great finds. thanks for sharing!

  4. Kristen

    And luckily i’m in the market for a silver one 😉 hopefully will be cheaper!

  5. Nicole

    Ah! I love all of these – and I am with you on finding one at a thrift/antique store somewhere!

    Although, I do drink and have the booze to fill this up!! 🙂

  6. Kristen

    Oh man, totally feel you on this! I’ve been on the look out for a good deal for a while now. There’s just something so sophisticated about a bar cart.

  7. rox

    dang. they are pricey huh?! I would say swap meet or yard sale it up. know you gals – you’ll dig up something amazing.

  8. Kyle

    Dude your firstborn will be way too cute to sell for a silly barcart. Society social has some reasonable finds: http://www.shopsocietysocial.com/collections/bar-carts

    In exchange for this tip you may keep and name him/her Kyle. Kthanksbye. See you sooooon!