Mantle Styling

First off, I am a little fuzzy on whether the correct spelling is “mantle” or “mantel” but I feel certain y’all know what I am referring to.  My fireplace has a very deep mantle that is also practically the first thing you see when you walk in my house so I always feel a serious pressure to make sure it looks good (not that anyone sees it except my cats, but still…).  Every year after the holidays, it looks very sad once I take my Christmas decorations down and I always struggle to figure out how to re-style it.  I am no styling expert but I typically know what I like when I see it so what I generally do is gather a bunch of crap I already have and try out different things until I am satisfied with how it looks.  I thought it would be interesting to take pictures as I went so you guys could see all my arrangements and help me decide which is best.

Yes, I left my Christmas wreath up.  I really like it and was hoping that I could get away with it as an all-season wreath. Right?  I also really want to use the gold mirror that I bought recently from an antique mall as well as my 2 cloches so you will see those feature in almost all my arrangements.

Switched it up just a bit by adding the picture.

Maybe a little color?

Three frames.  Hate.  This is right next to my gallery wall and this arrangement made this room look like the place where frames go to die.  No thanks.  Also I took down my wreath just to see and I felt like the top of the mirror looked sad.

I was trying to use my fancy old timey scales of justice but I am not sure they belong here.  To me this just looked crowded when I put them on something, they were too high.  When they were in front of the mirror without something behind them, they looked kind of weird.  I feel like it was either the mirror or the scales and I liked the mirror here more.

So, in the end I think I like number 1 and number 7 best.  What do y’all think?  Do you have any favorites?  Is there a better arrangement that I didn’t try?

  1. Megan

    Oops. I put 6 twice and I am not going to have time to change it. Sorry guys

  2. Lacey

    #1! I like 7 too, but 1 is better with the candle sticks. Is this a corner fireplace? I had one in my old house and forever struggled to style it. I think a giant mirror or piece of artwork that would have chopped the decorate-able area in half really would have helped. Where were you 2 years ago? 😉

  3. Megan

    Hey Lace! Yes it is a stupid corner fireplace that is like a big nook. It is stupid but filling it in will most likely never happen. The space is huge.

  4. Colleen

    I agree – I think 1 is the ticket.

  5. Lindsay

    I like 7 (second 6)!

  6. Taylor

    I like 7 too. I love the camera on top of the books 🙂 Everything looks lovely. But you do need a good place for the painting you did. I love taht!

  7. Kristen

    Love that you showed all the versions of your mantle/mantel lol. I say 1 or 6.

  8. Katie

    I like number 6!

  9. Rebecca Woodcock

    I really love the looks of 2 and 7! 1 looks great too, but I actually like the addition of the muted black & white picture in #2. 🙂

  10. Megan

    Kristen and Katie, Do y’all like first #6 or second #6? It seems like the most people like #7 (second #6), which would work out great because that is what is up right now since I was waiting for the results before I changed it again. If I ever do this again, I am making sure the numbers are right so I don’t confuse myself.