Colleen's house

Little Details

Moving went much smoother than expected.  We were super nervous because the weather channel was calling for snow and ice, and schools were closing everywhere, but the weather didn’t really affect us all that much.  Also, we had an army of helpers (from Corey’s friends to our families) which was literally a life saver.  I wanted to show you guys some before pictures of the house this week, but things are looking a little rough with lots of boxes and randomly placed furniture, so I thought I’d share some of my most favorite details instead.  Hope everyone is staying warm and has a great week!

A weathervane on the roof.

Blue railings on the front porch.

A light post with a view on the patio.

The turret off of our bedroom.

The fireplace mantel.

A mischievous cat peeking down the stairs.  True story, she tricked my friend Ben into thinking she was a ghost this weekend.





  1. Christina

    So excited for y’all to settle in to your new place. Happy the move went well and the weather was fine. Can’t wait to see your home once everything is unpacked! Congrats again!! xo

  2. stephanie

    Glad you are in and hope you make many many happy memories there!

  3. Kristen

    just precious!! what a great HOME. Glad the no fun part of moving is over 🙂

  4. rox

    EEEP! I can’t wait to see what you do to the place! it seriously looks like it’s out of a movie. glad you had a smooth sailing moving day.

  5. Jean Wilks

    Oh! so happy for you all! Everything is so beautiful and I know you will have so much fun getting everything just like you want it. I love your home and it looks so warm and loving. Sure hope we get to NC to see you all next year. Again, congratulations and best wishes!

  6. Colleen

    Thanks so much friends!

  7. Ricky

    Wow! You guys got a turret? Awesome! Everything looks fantastic, including the fireplace mantel. Everything inside looks new (although the place has a Victorian or Edwardian look to it). Is that a newly-built house or a renovated one?

  8. Colleen

    Hi Ricky! We did get a turret (!), and it is one of my favorite features of the house. Thanks so much! The house was actually built in 1983 but they were extra careful to add a lot of Victorian touches, which we really love.

  9. Taylor

    Cannot wait to see the hooooose! So awesome.