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Breaking the Wedding Rules

One of Colleen’s good friends at work recently got engaged and she has started doing some wedding planning.  Initially she thought that she would have a winter wedding and was very excited about her “winter” color scheme.  Then she realized that she would need to have her wedding in the spring and has been feeling very sad that her desired color scheme wouldn’t work for the season of her wedding.  I remember Colleen having some similar concerns when she was planning her wedding.  She felt pretty set on her colors of mint green, blush, and grey but was worried that they were too “springy” for a fall wedding.  Then she got over it.  The truth is, when it comes to weddings, like with many other things, rules are meant to be broken.  You should do whatever you want because as long as you love it, it will work perfectly for your wedding.  You will probably hear many (well meaning) people question your ideas and tell you things like you made a poor choice for your bridesmaid colors (this happened to Colleen too) or that the hairpiece that you love won’t work with your dress.  Smile and thank them for their opinion but know that you will always know better them them what works best for you.   If a wedding has a happy bride and groom, then it will automatically be a success because you naturally set the tone for your wedding.  If you look at any wedding blog, you will find a new example every day of wedding “rules” being broken in weddings that are so lovely and special that they are chosen to be published.

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  1. rox

    well said girlfriend. when it comes down to planning your wedding – do whatever the hell you wanna do!! being in the midst of my planning…I understand that more than ever!!

  2. Traci Arney

    Hi Megan,

    I agree completely! When I am shooting a wedding that really works, it’s about how the bride and groom express their personality and tell their love story. It’s the individuality and personal expression that makes a wedding perfect and oftentimes, the quirkiness is the best part. Go nuts and make the wedding exactly what you want and event (and therefore the photographs) will be all the better for it!

    Traci Arney Photography

  3. Megan

    Thanks Traci! The wedding you posted on Facebook yesterday was beautiful!

  4. Traci Arney

    Thanks Megan! And be sure to pass my name along to your friend. It sounds like it’s gonna be a good one!

  5. Sianneth

    1. Amen sister! It’s all about the bride and groom! If they’re happy, everyone else who loves them will see nothing else but their happiness and not even notice the “rule breaking”
    2. My jaw literally dropped when I read what you said about someone commenting on Colleen’s bridesmaids’ dress color! Whoever that was, is totally wrong… they were gorgeous!