A Thrifty Christmas Tablescape

When we started brainstorming for our Christmas tablescape, we decided that we wanted to keep it simple and inexpensive.  Our plan was to use things we (and probably you) have laying around the house to minimize costs.  For the centerpieces, I crafted some candle holders out of Corey’s leftover beer bottles to be combined with some greens clipped from the bottom of Megan’s tree while Meg crafted the pretty snowball garland from cotton balls and twine (DIYs for both to come).  Since we are about to move out of my apartment, we thought it might be nice to use my porch (and already hung Christmas decorations) for the setting.  Finishing touches included some last minute pink place cards saying Merry Christmas in four languages and a candy cane placed in the water goblets.  All in all, I think we spent approximately $10: for the candle holder crafting supplies and the candy canes.

We also wanted to say that Meg was inspired to do the snowball garland by our lovely friend Brynn, who did a more fancy and beautiful version with fluffy little yarn pom poms on her blog last week.  Definitely check out the post at Citron Rose Bleu.







  1. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Y’all are UNFREAKING real!!! Amazing! Again! Love it all!

  2. Taylor

    Yall are too much, seriously. This is just so good. I wanna have a meal right there.

  3. Christina

    I cannot get over the snowball garland. I am SO in love with it!!! What a beautiful porch! And for $10? Come do mine!!! xo

  4. rox

    I’m actually diggin that snowball garland you have going on! this whole tablescape is just so gorgeous…almost makes me like christmas!!

    random question- is that wreath real or fake? my fiance is on the hunt for one for our front door- and we’re indecisive about whether to go real or fake route, and I like the one you have centered on that wall…

  5. Megan

    Thanks everyone!! Hey Rox! The wreath is real and it is from Target. It is boxwood wreath by Smith and Hawken and apparently it is supposed to be kept indoors because if it gets too hot/cold/dry it will turn brown. So far so good for me. I spray it with water occasionally but it gets mixed reviews online. Some people say it has stayed good for years and some people say it turned brown in a month. I am not sure it would be good for a front door though bc I guess it is kinda sensitive. 🙁

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