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Narnia Wedding Inspiration

When we were younger, one of our favorite movies was The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  I remember watching it over and over and wishing I could step into the wardrobe and finally figure out what turkish delight tastes like.  For me, this movie was the epitome of winter and everything I wanted it to be, filled with magic and wrapped in a sheet of snow.  With the holidays (and maybe even some snow??) soon to be upon us, I can’t think of more perfect inspiration for a rich and elegant winter wedding.  But seriously, do any of you know what it tastes like?  Maybe I will have to make it soon.

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  1. Megan

    Beautycakes Bean! I wanna live in it. Or at least stay for like a winter. That wardrobe is killer.

  2. stephanie

    Could you imagine riding to and from your wedding in a sleigh!

  3. Laura at Simply Lowcountry

    This is all so gorgeous!! Love winter weddings, but I’m biased. That dress is to die for.


  4. Emily

    What a cute post idea! I love winter weddings – they’re so festive. Good idea to channel Chronicles of Narnia!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  5. Lindsey @ be pretty

    So beautiful, soft, wintery! Who doesn’t love a little old school, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe… and btw, that wardrobe is TDF! Cute works little Colls! xo

  6. Brynn Renné {chartreuse & a twist}

    well goodness…now all i can think about is turkish delight! you have definitely intrigued me 😉 loving this wintry wedding delight in the meantime though 🙂 XO brynn