Merry Christmas Print {Free Printable}

In one of the pictures that inspired Meg’s Illuminated Canvas post, there was a pretty black graphic print.  I liked it so much that I figured I would go ahead and make one too.  You see, I am trying to keep my Christmas decorations relatively low key this year because we just (literally, last night) put in an offer on a house and if all goes well my schedule could be pretty hectic over the next month or so.  An easy framed print seemed to be more my speed since my decorating can’t be quite as involved as Megan’s (and let’s face it – whose is?).  I’ve always loved “The Night Before Christmas” and this quote makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Can’t you just see Santa flying his sleigh?  We had this fantastic pop up book of the story that has been loved to pieces, and I can still envision every single page.

I made mine for the awkward size that is Ikea frames, but I resized it for a little larger than 8 x 10 so you guys can print on 8.5 x 11 card stock and fit them into any 8 x 10 frames you have laying around the house.  If you aren’t crazy about your frame as is, I highly recommend spraying with gold spray paint.  Because there just can’t be enough gold.  There is also a white and green version just in case you don’t want to use all of the black ink in your entire printer. Editor’s note: Colleen is totally exaggerating.  You will not use all the ink in your printer so don’t be nervous.  

Merry Christmas Free Printable – B+W 8×10

Merry Christmas Free Printable – White and Green 8×10





  1. Christina

    printed & pinned! Thanks for the adorable print! I love it! xo

  2. Taylor

    Love. Simple and festive.

  3. Lindsay

    Super cute!! You could copy the way the text is written and doodle this up on a chalkboard!

  4. rox

    I’m loving all of the stuff you guys are doing w/ frames!

  5. Lindsey @ be pretty

    I was just thinking what Lindsay said… I want that for our chalkboard… either that or I’m going to attempt to copy! Love y’alls creativity! xoxo Missed you girls!

  6. Colleen

    Thanks friends! Linds (both of you), you could definitely do this on a chalkboard. That would look really cool!