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A Costumed Bride

I have heard recently that October is quickly becoming one of the most popular months of the year to have a wedding.  I realize that many people like to avoid all the Fall and October stereotypes for their wedding to keep it from taking away from the weddinginess (that’s totally a word) and avoid making it too themey (I bet that’s one too).  But I was thinking that it would be awfully fun to have a late October wedding that completely embraces Halloween.  So much so that the happy couple decides to take things to the next level and requires everyone to wear a costume.  Obviously they would need to have costumes as well.  Here are some legitimate wedding gowns that I found that in my eyes could definitely meet the costume criteria.

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What do you all think?  Fantastically fun or too much?  Sorry so many are from Vera but she has been killing it lately.

  1. Kat Dawg

    Sounds like a great and fun idea to me. You just have to find a bride willing to try it, which would probably be harder then planning the wedding itself.

  2. Taylor

    I love these gowns! Particularly #1

  3. Stephanie G

    Loved them!!

  4. Lindsey @ be pretty

    HOLY NIGHT – that first dress is TDF…. simply AMAZEballs!