For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday- My Haunted House

Before we start to do phase 2 Halloween decorating, I thought I would give you guys a little peak of some of my decorations for phase 1.  I am always interested in how people decorate their houses for Halloween because I think it is fun to get ideas.  So without further ado, I will share a little video I made of my haunted house.

Here is a link to the video if you are having trouble viewing it.

I used the 8mm video app on my phone for anyone who was interested.  Also, check out the wedding Colleen took some footage of using the same app if you haven’t seen it yet.  So pretty.

Happy Friday ya’ll!  Have a spooky October weekend.

  1. Katie

    I’m not sure how, but every year it gets better and better! You have a special talent.

  2. Colleen

    Spooooky. Excellent videographying Meg. That’s a word.

  3. taylor

    OOOOOO very spooky!!! So excited.

  4. Michele

    Just a general comment. I always love the posts from the two of you. This one is especially charming. Even though I’m probably about the same age as your MOTHER, and I live in the Pacific Northwest, I wish I was a friend of yours to get in on all the fun stuff you guys do/make! You’re both so creative.

  5. Colleen

    Michele! What a nice thing to say! Thank you!

  6. Colleen

    we will be your super best friends 🙂

  7. Michele

    Long distance friends!

  8. Lindsey @ be pretty

    AMAZING!!!! OH MY GOSH, Megs… I’m scared… I love the bats!!! Love that they are 3D! This is JUST GREAT… I’m gonna start using my Super 8 vid for my brides!! xoxo

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  10. Wendy

    Love this!!!! I am a huge fan of Halloween… nice to know others share the same passion, and with such {style}. I am looking for the 8mm app on my phone ASAP. AWESOME!!