For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday- A Failing Grade

Okay folks.  Sadly, it is time for us to make a confession.  Some of you may remember at the beginning of summer when we made our summer bucket list.  We were so cute and naive back in those days.  But reality has set in and it is time to admit that we failed our summer bucket list.  Booooo.  We made a valiant effort and tried real hard.  But the world got going too fast for us as it often does and now we seem to have ALMOST run out of time.  Let’s review shall we?


1.  Have an outdoor game night with our friends- SUCCESS!!!!  We totally did this.

2.  Make homemade ice cream-  No way Jose.  Not even one time.  No strawberry ice cream, no raspberry ice cream, no almond ice cream.  FAIL!!!!  We did eat some homemade ice cream that someone else made.  Does that count for something??

3.  Go to a drive in movie-  We made plans to do this several times but they kept falling through.  For the record, there is one in Belmont, NC.  But we wouldn’t know what it is like because we didn’t go.  FAIL!!!!

4.  Shoot off big big fireworks in South Carolina (because they are illegal in NC)-  I am calling this a double SUCCESS because we did shoot off big big fireworks on the 4th and then again on Colleen’s birthday and we did it right here in my neighborhood without having to drive anywhere.  Take that stupid fireworks laws!

5.  Learn to play bridge- FAIL!!!!  Not even close.  The closest we came to this was playing a few crazy games of poker.  I know you guys didn’t know this about me but I am a little bit of a loose cannon when it comes to playing poker.  But definitely no bridge.

6.  Find the perfect pair of sunglasses- SUCCESS!!!!  Both Colleen and I found some sunglasses we love at Anthropologie.  They may not be super fancy and super expensive sunglasses.  But we feel more comfortable with $30 ones because then we won’t be so sad when we sit on them (which we inevitably will).

7.  Go somewhere we’ve never been-  SUCCESS!!!!  I went to Napa Valley on my trip to SF this summer, Colleen went to Dallas and both Colleen and I went to Crowder’s Mountain for the first time.

8.  Fix up our cocktail situation-  SUCCESS!!! Well, moderate success.  I still get a little flustered when it comes to ordering a cocktail.  It is so intimidating!  Colleen made her Monkey Business and it was everything she dreamed of and I figured out that I like the Frenchy.  And really probably anything with pineapple juice.

So, in conclusion, we got 5 out of 8, which is exactly 62.5%, which as we all know is exactly a F.  Boo.  So lame.  We promise we will work harder at our funness next time.

Happy Friday ya’ll!  Let’s make a promise to take this weekend and next week to try to engage in one more summery delight and finish up strong.

  1. Brynn Looney

    ahh, you still had a lot of successes, though 😉 and hey! just add a couple to your fall bucket list…have a fall ice cream social while playing bridge 😉 happy weekend! XO brynn

  2. Alice

    In UK universities, 62.5 is a 2:1, or the second highest grade- so think like that and you are not a failure! And it sounds like you had lots of amazing times, so yay for that! xxx

  3. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Maybe we should do a blogger ice cream night and make it together!!! And then learn to play bridge together…. I’d be up for that! Way to go ladies on the 5 outta 8 on the bucket list! Please do share your shades that you both purchased! 🙂 xx

  4. Taylor

    I think yall did a pretty dang good job. Plus, game night was a huge success. I think we should do it again soon.