Bridal Beauty

A Strong Case For Veils

I completely understand that some people are not a fan of veils.  Let it be known that I am.

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That is some ethereal beauty.

  1. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Those are all gorgeous examples of veils GONE GOOD! I love them all and I’m swooning over the first image! Veils are timeless and soft… I’m a huge fan! xoxox

  2. christina

    Oh, I LOVE veils, especially with blushers. I really feel like it makes a bride, a “bride”!

  3. Lacey

    I do like a veil myself. Or so I thought. I accidentally forgot to even WEAR my veil to my own wedding, so I think subconsciously I must NOT like veils, or something. I didn’t even realize it until halfway through the reception.

  4. Brynn Looney

    though i decided a veil was not for me, i still absolutely love the drama of its presence…the photos you chose are so gorgeous!!! XO brynn