Labor Day Style

Happy Labor Day friends!  We are happily sleeping in and eating our fair share of Boberry Biscuits this weekend (may or may not have ordered 6 in the drive-thru last night), delighting in the last days of summer.  Meg has already started Halloweening but I thought I would give the hottest season one last hurrah with a little bit of labor day style.  Obviously I will be wearing sweats all day, but if I were in Charleston like everyone else I know (grrr), I hope that this would be the outfit I would wear.  Those shorts are $20 so you better believe I will be snatching up a pair.

Earrings / Bangles / Blouse / Shorts / Wedges






  1. Megan

    Super beauty Bean!

  2. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Oh man, how adorable are those royal blue scallop shorts??? I lovie! 🙂 Did you say Boberry biscuits??? Where’s my invite? Hehe!