For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday- It’s Coming…

The last few weeks, I have noticed that at night time it is starting to get just a smidge cooler.  There is a certain feeling in the air that lets me know that fall is coming soon.  That along with all the school supplies at Target.  So this week I decided that I would not delay it any longer because I was starting to feel itchy.

Halloween decorating 2012 phase one has commenced.  I have only allowed myself one shelf so far but I know that will all change soon.  I decided that I was allowed to do this because I have all these awesome decorations from the last few years that won’t really fit our theme for the party this year.  So I will be decorating once with phase one items and then again with phase two theme appropriate decor starting around mid-September.  Inside only for now of course.  I try to keep things socially acceptable around here.

Boo!  This is happening people.  And I couldn’t be more excited.

Have any of ya’ll started to think about your plans for Halloween?

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Megan

    It is killing me that there are no little spiders coming out of the jar in the picture. I am fixing that today.

  2. Taylor

    Yes!!! I cannot wait. You always have the best party and decorations for Halloween. I am loving these crisp mornings and cool evenings… definitely has me pumped for fall and Halloween. I know you and Colleen are super excited for all things pumpkin and spooky.

  3. christina

    I LOVE that you decorate for Halloween. Have you started thinking about your costume?

  4. Bill

    I can’t figure out how to “share” your posts anymore. What am I missing? But it’s definitely getting cooler at night, and I love it!

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