Sparkler Messages

I have always loved those fancy sparkler images that you find on wedding and photography blogs (as well as Pinterest).  So when Mrs. Limestone reminded me of them last week, I figured the birthday of our nation would be the perfect time to try my hand at taking one of these pictures.  I would give you a tutorial, but to be honest, I am not an expert.  So I will direct you to a real photographer’s directions here.  Cliff notes is this:  if you have a DSLR, turn up the f stop to at least 10.0 (so everything is in focus), turn up the shutter speed (mine was at about 3 or 4 seconds), and turn down your ISO to 100 or 200.  My mom had a tripod in the attic that I was able to use, but you could also place your camera on a chair or table to make sure it stays steady.  The way I did it, the people themselves will not be visible.  In order for the people to be visible, you would need off camera flashes and jazz, which is kind of beyond the scope of my photography knowledge.  Here are some of my favorite shots taken during our fireworks session:


  1. marilyn

    These came out astonishing.

  2. Taylor

    How cool!!! Love these. I think I see a Caity Cait in the background. 🙂

  3. Caitlin

    Yay, I think these came out super cool! I like our heart 🙂

  4. Kat Dawg

    holy crap that is the most awesome thing ever…….we are going to be doing this more often and we shall compete on who can draw the best animal drawings

  5. Stephanie G

    You do such a great job with your camera!!!!

  6. Tiffany Leigh

    You did an amazing job caputuring the images! My fave is the ‘Love’ tooo cute!

  7. Sarah

    That is quite awesome!! And you can’t give all the credit to your lense this time. That takes some skill!! Nice work!!!

  8. Colleen

    Thanks friends! If you have a SLR you should def try it. Super fun.

  9. Lindsey @ be pretty

    AWESOME!!! I saw these last night on FB! Seriously so cool!!! The “LOVE” is my favy!