1. Joe


    Do you know where I can get this and other similar borders from?

    Thanks, Joe

  2. Wade

    I am also looking for the pencil type border as shown with your beveled edge subway tile. Do you know where you can purchase this border on the internet. The big box stores in our area do not have it. Thank-you!

    • Terri

      The have it at Home Depot. 6″ pieces in straight and smooth, or rope design.

  3. Missy

    Wondering if I could put these tiles up as a back splash in my kitchen and not use grout at all? Thoughts?

    • Francis

      Grout will help seal the tiles to wall. I believe you want a clean look! Use mastic & the closest white grout to your tile white.

  4. Genessa

    Keep a more updated look with the trendy beveled tile and a schluter edge instead of a pencil tile border!

  5. Dana

    Question. Could the beveled white subway tiles be used in a basket weave pattern?

    • Megan

      Hi Dana! Because of the difference in thickness between the edge and middle of beveled tile, I don’t think a basket weave would work very well. I would use a flat tile for basketweave or find a mosaic. Of course, I’m no expert, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

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