Recipe Cards {Free Printable}

Hi friends!  Hope you have been sorting your muchiness per Meg’s post yesterday.  I feel mine might not be at sufficient levels either, but I am certainly working on it.  Or eating rainbow sherbert.  One of the two.  In other news, I wanted to share something pretty fun with you guys today.  Several weeks ago, one of our friends asked me to make her some recipe cards for an upcoming bridal shower she is planning.  The plan was to send the blank recipe cards with the shower invites, which guests would fill out to make a recipe book for the bride.  Such a great idea, right?  Her name shall remain top secret for now, mostly because I have no idea when the shower is actually occurring, and don’t want to give any hints in the very slim chance that the bride reads this blog.  Probably not but you can never be too careful.  She sent over some recipe cards that she liked (here and here), and so I used these along with the shower invite for inspiration.  Here is how they ended up (with a couple of small changes from the ones sent to top secret friend):

Sorry I didn’t take any real life pictures, I have been slightly lazier than usual.  If you like them, below are the pdfs for you to download in pink, blue, and green.  Just print on card stock and write out a delicious recipe.  Maybe go ahead and send the recipe to me too.  For research purposes :).  Happy Tuesday guys!

Pink Recipe Cards Printable

Blue Recipe Cards Printable

Green Recipe Cards Printable


  1. Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty

    Colleen! Wow, my sugar nugget – what a GREAT idea! I love this idea and totally custom to fit the decor of her shower! I love it! Might need to steal the idea for a baby shower, but make it “tips” for the mother to be???? Love it! Y’all are so super talented! Got your email about BNO… no worries about being out of town next weekend, we need YOU THERE! I’ll send another out b/c I’m wanting us to do a little photoshoot as well one of these Sundays. Just of us, dressed as our “personalities”.

  2. Taylor

    I saw these top secret recipe cards and they are fab! This has to be one of my most favorite ideas ever in this nation. What a perfect gift. I LOVE to cook so I told the top secret friend that if I ever get married, I want this as a gift. I guess you don’t have to get married to have it as a gift haha but it’s such a lovely idea. A friend of mine made me a cookbook of her family recipes a few years ago. One of the best gifts ever. Instead of waiting to get married, maybe I’ll just start on my own recipe book! BOOM! In yo’ face marriage!

  3. Lindsay

    How cute are these?!

  4. Jessica

    These cards look amazing, I absolutely love your work!
    thanks for sharing!

  5. lorraine

    Hi, I have been searching for recipe cards for my daughters bridal shower. These are just perfect. Can you please tell me if they are 3×5 cards? I need a small size to fit in the invitation as this was an afterthought. Thanks so much.

    • Colleen

      Hey Lorraine,

      I think they are larger than 3×5 but if you try to print multiple to a page maybe you can get them to fit??