Bridal Beauty

Pretty Things for Your Hair

One of my most favorite pastimes while I was engaged was to look at all of the sparkly, shiny, and lacy items that the world offers to decorate a bride’s hair on her wedding day.  They are all so pretty.  Tis a shame that I won’t ever be able to wear another one of these beauties.  Maybe I can work one of them into my next dinner outfit.  Probably not the veil though…

1) Frankie Bridal Halo from LoBoheme

2) Logan from Untamed Petals

3) Cleo, Grecian Beaded Leaf Clip from LoBoheme

4) Silk Tulle Lace Trim Veil from Twigs and Honey

5) Chandler from Untamed Petals



  1. Taylor

    Very pretties. I have all this hair and never do anythign with it… I think i nee more hair pretties. And someone to teach me how to do my hair. I love all of those pieces and think you could wear them anytime. Well, except for the veil probs. 🙂