A Love of Letters

Upon recommendation by a friend of ours, today I followed a link to a website that shares letters written by famous and historical figures.  The link was to a letter written by Ronald Reagan to his son but as soon as I started reading down to different posts, I became completely transfixed.  Looking through, I found many letters that were scanned in and shared in their actual form.  You see, I love letters.  In a day and age where text messages and emails run rampant (and I guess you could make the case that emails are letters as well), it makes me nostalgic for a time when letters typically consisted of pen to paper.  Or at least typed and signed.  There is something so intimate about a person’s handwriting.  When I find little notes and letters written to me by grandparents and other people that have passed away, I always feel like hugging them because it is like a little piece of them that is still left here.

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I also think that I can express my feelings most accurately through writing.  I find that sometimes when I am speaking,  I have difficulty finding the exact words to convey my thoughts.  Or I end up saying something that I don’t really mean.  The beautiful thing about letters is that I can make sure to take the time and find the right words.  While I know that speaking in person is the best way to communicate , I feel like when I write something in a letter, I am often able to more clearly communicate what I mean.

Do ya’ll wish written letters were still as common as they once were too?

  1. Taylor

    Great post Meg. When I was putting Lauren’s scrapbook together, I came across a box with a stack of special and important (to me) letters that I had received, mostly when I was a teenager. I found quite a few funny ones from Morgan when he was in France, special birthday cards, and funny notes from the FLEM guys 😉 It is like having your own personal history book. Very special.

  2. Michele

    I also LOVE letters and am sad that they seem to be dwindling in today’s world. I also love postage stamps and other postal-related things. (Love all the images in your post!)

    My cousin (who lives in a different state) and I used to write each other letters quite regularly. After e-mail became available, we started e-mailing each other, but not nearly as frequently. It just wasn’t as much fun to send or receive an e-mail instead of a handwritten letter on pretty stationary. So now we still go back to paper letters occasionally. They are definitely more fun! (and personal)

  3. Megan

    Thanks Tay. I also have all my old notes some where and on the next rainy day I am going searching. I feel we need a FLEM reunion. Guess it will never happen. Michele, I used to be pen pals with an old friend growing up as well. I still have all my letters and I cherish them. There is nothing like getting a letter in the mail. Thanks for coming to visit us. 🙂

  4. megan

    excited to find you blog and follow along! saw that you’re in NC, I live in Charlotte… fun to connect with bloggers close to home!