For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday- Link Love + Another Birthday


We both have super busy weekends ahead of us as Colleen is going to a bachelorette party weekend, it is our Mom’s birthday and I have a special young lady’s first birthday party to help set up with one of my besties.  Besides that, I need to finish tiling my dagum backsplash so i can use my kitchen again.  Nobody hold your breath.  It has become a major source of annoyance.  So instead of trying to be interesting, we thought we would just let these other lovely bloggers be interesting for us.  Check out these fantastic posts from around the interwebs this week.

A fantastic idea for more manly wedding and party favors or gifts {Mint Infused Bourbon + free printable from House of Earnest}

Our beautiful and precious bloggie buddy {Mrs. Lindsey Regan Thorne} showed us how to (be pretty) and fabulous on a rainy day.

A beautiful bracelet giveaway until Wednesday from {The Short and Sweet of It}

The adorable {Christina from Carolina Charm} recreated a breakfast dish from Zada Jane’s that literally made my mouth water.

We surely have no babies in our immediate future but that didn’t stop this {hot air balloon themed nursery from The Lovely Cupboard} from knocking our socks off.

The stunning {Blair from Blairadise} turned the reigns over to a friend who shared her struggle with having two children with Autism and accompanying Sensory Processing Disorder.  Close to my heart as a speech therapist and appropriate for Autism Awareness month.

A sensational and talented special blog buddy of ours {Drew from Coral Cafe} dominated another Shoe to Room situation.  Get em girl.

We also wanted to take a minute to say

I am a little confused as to how I got to be a year older than you.  My mathematics skills may be a little fuzzy though.  Every single little thing we have we owe to your love, patience, wisdom, and grace and the special subtle way you have of showing us how to figure out the correct answer to any of life’s little problems.  Our strength and independence is because of you.




  1. Taylor

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Bowker!!! So blessed to have known your family for so long. You have certainly raised two of the most beautiful, kind, intelligent and poised women I know. Hope you guys get to do somethign extra special to celebrate.

  2. Taylor

    OH, and I’m sure my brother would wish you a happy birthday as well. Being that you were his favorite teacher and probably the only one who had an ounce of patience with him. You must be a saint 😉

  3. Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty

    So sweet, you two! Thanks so much for the sweet mention! 🙂 Awww that made my Friday 10x better! 🙂 Megs, thank you again, SO MUCH for making it out last night… it was so good to see you! Guess what??? Not sure if you got the email but you won the smokey eye kit!!! :)))) It’s at Petal for you to pick up! Hope your STILL enjoying YOUR birthday week! Happy birthday to your fabulous mom as well! Col’s have the BEST time this weekend! xoxoxo

  4. Megan

    Eeeeekkkk! I totally did not get the email and I have never won anything before!!! Yay for smokey eyes. Can’t wait to pick it up! Thanks LRT!